Of Not Updating And Hearing God Speak

First of all, straight off the bat, and right up front … sorry for not updating this site more often. Whilst it still serves its primary purpose as a repository for all of my songs, the fact that most of them are first introduced in full by theREIGN these days has served to muddy the ...

What is it about Christian conferences?

I don’t know what it is about Christian conferences and me but, for some reason, they re-awaken my songwriting mojo and get me rolling again. Three songs were written at Spring Harvest in 2010, and another two and a half at New Wine 2011.

Musings on a Ten Year Old Song

As I always do after making new songs available via ShareSong, I have spent a little time looking out for votes to get a (vague) idea of whether it seems to be going down reasonably well, and something jumped out at me.

New Song Uploaded 1

Following on from my post Spring Harvest musings about getting my songwriting mojo back, I decided to do something else I haven’t done in a long time and break out the recording gear and do a demo recording of one of the three songs, Every Sound I Make (Hallelujah).

Got The Mojo Back … 1

Just back from a very enjoyable and blessed week at Spring Harvest. Trent’s big top worship was good, Steve Chalke’s Bible Reading talks were good, and it was superb to catch up with what Tony Campolo has to say after all this time.

Potential New Feature

You will have no doubt noticed that there are still no audio/mp3 files for the new songs added to the site back in April. This is entirely due to a lack of the time required to make proper demo recordings of the songs.