One of my favourite songs from I Will Follow was this simple, slightly folky song that confirmed to me that writing songs for corporate worship was something I might actually be able to pull off.

It was written in early 2000, while I was working away from home in Leicester, and was initially laid down on my trusty 4-track Yamaha cassette recorder along with other early songs, including Behind and Before and Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer. That demo has long since been lost (fortunately).

The song itself it inspired by parts of Psalm 34, especially v4 which gives the song its title, and musically, it is very easy to play. I particularly enjoy the switch between the Asus2 and Am chords in the odd and even lines of the chorus which gives it an interesting (and slightly out of the ordinary) feel.

The 2001 album recording is available from the mp3 download page on the site, and the version below was recorded in 2020 as part of our “Song of the Day” offer to one of the churches we support locally.

Please enjoy,