April 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the original TFKM website, and my tentative first steps in sharing my music across the world wide web. Much has change in those years, the formation of theREIGN, the Greenbelt performances, the birth of the Rock Eucharist event, but through it all I have kept writing and introducing new songs (although I could never be described as “prolific”.

With everything having been locked down, and churches unable to enjoy sung worship in the way they always have, over the past year, this has been an interesting and frustrating time, with many taking to Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and other social media outlets to come together in worship or to share their thoughts and music, and I have moved many of my (and theREIGN’s) songs onto the TFKM YouTube channel as a result.

There will be no huge celebrations to mark 20 years of TFKM, but over the next few months, leading up to the 20th anniversary of the release of “I Will Follow”, my first (and so far only) solo CD, I will be putting together some more up to date recordings of those early songs (as much to see how well they stand the test of time, as anything else).

Please enjoy these as they surface, and accept my unending gratitude for the prayers, blessings and support I have been given over the last 20 years in my music ministry.

With love, in Christ,