We are delighted to announce the release of another of David’s songs … this time, one that has long been a favourite of theREIGN, as it allows them to really let their hair down, a little disco drumming, some trombone, squealy guitar solos and, to cap it all off, a magnificant tribute to the classic James Bond theme thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, a top notch recording of theREIGN’s version will have to wait until the pandemic has subsided enough for bands to get back together and play in the same room together so, in the meantime, David and Kat have recorded a demo using just piano and guitar.

It is not really a worship song, though it has been used very successfully in v8 of the Rock Eucharist and it very simple to play in the key of Am, with only thing to watch for being the presence of both Em and E chords as well as both Dm and D.

Enjoy the demo linked below, and in the player in the sidebar … or click on the link below to enjoy the demo with added Bond.