We are pleased to announce the release of David/TFKM’s first ever Christmas song. Brand new in 2020, Let The Bells Ring Out focusses on the birth of Christ as the one to bring us release from our sins and give us a pathway to forgiveness, pulling aspects of both the Christmas and Easter stories.

Musically, this song is very straightforward, in the key of G, and with a Christmassy 6/8 vibe to it, as well as brief nods to Christmas classics by both Wizzard and The Pogues in the title and middle section of the song. Easy to lead for a solo musician or band, with lots of scope for dynamics, and instrumentation … including bells, obviously.

As always, lyrics, chords and lead sheets are available as well as a demo, recorded with more complex arrangement than previous 2020 releases as David plays around with his new audio device (as well as wanting something more substantial for use at Christmas). There are also the usual fabulous backing vocals from Mrs C.

Enjoy, use it in your church, and as always get in touch with any feedback.

Blessings and a Merry Christmas,