Having had one abortive attempt at bolting an online store onto the TFKM website, we have now taken a different approach and had another go using osCommerce, an Open Source package dedicated solely to this function.

The store is now fully up and running, and can be accessed via the , or from the direct link.

Also on the Buy Stuff page are links to our merchandise stores at Cafepress and Spreadshirt, where you can buy t-shirts, bags, hats, all that sort of thing … as well as the TFKM song book (although I would hold off on that, as we are planning to release a new edition very shortly).

If you check out the Cafepress store, we have introduced some new items related to the release of 96, including a handsome t-shirt, which comes in various colours, a striking new coffee mug and a cool tote bag.

Happy shopping, and every blessing,