Downloads Broken …

Hi all, Back after a very lengthy hiatus. Unfortunately, the update to the latest version of WordPress appears to have broken the Download Manager, meaning that the songs are not available at the moment. If you can bear with me for a little while I need to do a little investigating … first into whether ...

Update at

Hot on the heels of their Spring Rock Eucharist season, theREIGN’s website has been given a complete makeover to provide new functionality as well as a fresh new look and feel.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Having had one abortive attempt at bolting an online store onto the TFKM website, we have now taken a different approach and had another go using osCommerce, an Open Source package dedicated solely to this function.

Site Update

The site has now been updated to include a page for theREIGN’s brand new, live album, 96, which is due for release on Saturday 10 September 2011. The CD and downloadable songs will become available in the TFKM online store from midnight on the 10th.

Fresh New Look

Having finally become a little tired of the look of the TFKM website (not to mention the strange little foibles exhibited by the WPRemix theme, I have made a move to a new theme, which brings with it a new look. I hope you like it!

New Online Store

Those of you who are particularly eagle-eyed will have noticed a link in the Navigation bar to a new “Store”. This is an experiment to see if I can pull together those things we have for sale into a single, simple interface. I suggest that you don’t actually try to buy anything at the moment, ...