I don’t know what it is about Christian conferences and me but, for some reason, they re-awaken my songwriting mojo and get me rolling again. Three songs were written at Spring Harvest in 2010, and another two and a half at New Wine 2011.

I imagine it is something to do with removing myself from the everyday distractions of work and church and focussing my attention on God for a week which allows me the time and space to actually get my head around a new song and get some specifics down on paper, well laptop, rather than just having vague ideas floating around.

A brand new song called Lift High His Name was written over days two and three of the conference, while a second, called Special To You was written entirely during the 10 minute walk from the tent to the evening celebration on day 5 (Thursday) as a result of an off the cuff remark.

Phil Gray, member of theREIGN and fellow St Barnabasite, was due to lead worship the following Sunday morning and struggling to come up with more than one song specifically about how we are special in the eyes of God, so I jokingly said “Don’t panic, I’ll write you one. Ha ha.”.

Never joke in front of the Lord. Twenty minutes later, there it was. It has taken a week back at home to fine tune it into abandonable format (art is never completed, only abandoned, after all) but essentially that 10 minute walk was all it took.

If only I always found songwriting that straightforward!

The “half” song alluded to earlier, called We Are Yours, is a song that I started to write (it had a chorus) at Spring Harvest 2010, and New Wine inspired some verses and lyrics so that should also now be completed pretty soon.

What I need to do is find a way to calm and focus my mind so I can write songs when I am not at a conference. Whether that will be easier or harder once I start at University in September only time will tell.

Every blessing,