We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be launching a brand new, updated Songbook, featuring the collected works of That Fatal Kiss Music (48 songs in all).

The book includes a chord chart and lead sheet, or full, simple piano score, for every song, as well as a summary of the guitar chords use for each key (because I do sneak an occasional rogue one in that doesn’t normally belong in that key). It will be produced by Lulu on a print on demand basis, priced at £15 in the UK and as close as possible to the equivalent of that price in other currencies around the globe.

The title is one I have been kicking around a bit for a while, and is based on the notion of each us being a part of God’s symphony of creation (cue Music of Creation references) which will never be fully completed, because no matter how hard we try we will never be the perfect, flawless creation we would like to be … hence Unfinished.

It is currently at proof stage, and will be fully released as soon as all the relevant checks have been made, and my inevitable cockups put right. You will find below a few shots of the proof copy, including the gorgeous cover artwork put together by my amazingly talented daughter, Bethany (click on the thumbnails to see larger versions).

Every blessing,