Today, 21 April 2011, marks the tenth anniversary of the setting up of That Fatal Kiss Music, and it is interesting and humbling to look back now and see what has become of my music and ministry over that time, taking in my first recording fumbles, the formation of theREIGN, Greenbelt, 30 odd Rock Eucharists and so on.

The song database has grown from the original dozen(ish) to around 40 now, with several new ones waiting in the wings to make their bow on the site.

Obviously more time has been spent on theREIGN in recent years, hence the site here has seen less activity (from my end at least) than it once did, but I hope you still find it to be a useful resource for my songs, and I particularly appreciate those people who visit here to check up on my diary and pray for my involvement with worship events around the City, and further afield, both solo and with the band.

As the band gears up for an active couple of months to come, including the release of our first live album, I thought I would commemorate this auspicious day by taking a look back over 10 years of the TFKM website, and I am enormously grateful to the Internet Wayback Machine for keeping copies of the earlier versions of the site … because I didn’t!

Below you will find images from various versions of the TFKM home page going all the way back to 2001. Sadly, moving the site onto WordPress in 2008 has made it impossible for the Wayback Machine to archive the look of the site any longer. The text, yes, but not the style. Click on the thumbnails to see them in all their “glory”.

[2001] The original home page, first activated on 21 April 2011, but not fully launched until the release of I Will Follow was imminent. Looks very dated now, but the web was a different place in those days.
[2002] I soon got bored of that text heavy look, and wanted to give the whole place a little more style … judge for yourself how successful I was. The “Error” in the top blue bar is where the Flash navigation was located. Took ages to get the frames working right, and I really shouldn’t have bothered.
[2003] More Flash … navigation bar, news ticker etc., but still basically an HTML site, and that fixed width style with the solid, coloured credit bar at the bottom became the signature look for all my websites for a while. It was a pain to keep up to date, but I still really like this design …
[2004] … as evidenced by the fact that the next re-design was more of a tweak. Shuffle the images around on the home page, make it a little more informative, that sort of thing. Otherwise the 2004 version is essentially the same as 2003.
[2006] The site moved onto the PHPNuke CMS, basically because I could install that automatically within my web host. After many aborted styles, this became the look of TFKM for a couple of years, before Nuke’s security holes and ease of hacking drove me into the arms of WordPress where I have been ever since.

I hope you have enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of TFKM’s online history. Keep an eye out for the new songs as they appear over the next few months, and for the arrival of 96, theREIGN’s live album which is due for release in the next few months.

Every blessing,