Having finally become a little tired of the look of the TFKM website (not to mention the strange little foibles exhibited by the WPRemix theme, I have made a move to a new theme, which brings with it a new look. I hope you like it!

WPRemix is a brilliant, and powerful piece of kit, but without sufficient backup knowledge in PHP and CSS, and the lengthy cycle involved in updating the theme whenever a new version of WordPress is released (there is still no update for Remix following WP’s update to v3 severla months ago, for example), I have been struggling to get the site to do what I want.

Moreover, the templates used within Remix are a wonderful addition to WP’s admin system, but they do make it difficult when it comes to change something as they are laden down with code to establish the layout.

So … I have, instead, installed a new theme that simply has 200+ settings to play with.

At the moment, it is pretty much on default setup with my graphics in place. Over time, I might get around to learning what the settings do and personalise it a bit further. Time will tell.

Everything is still where it was before, and I have update the Songs page using the Download Manager plug-in I am using. This has made looking after (and navigating) the download pages much, much simpler.

If you come across any broken links, or have any feedback to offer, please let me know.

Every blessing,