A quick database update to put right a few small discrepancies in the Lyric Charts section. It appears that when I migrated the site across to WordPress I missed a few of the files out of the new Download Manager. That has now been put right.

If you go to that page you will notice that the OHP Master files for Jesus The King, Surrender and When I Survey are now present and correct, along with a brand new file sitting proudly at the top of the list.

With the popularity among churches of EasyWorship for projecting words onto a screen from a PC, we have put together a simple EasyWorship schedule containing the words of all of the songs available on this site (including the more performance oriented ones). Just download the zip file, unzip, open the schedule in EasyWorship and elect to import the songs into your database. They will then be there for future use without you having to type a single word.

Obviously, there are other packages available and in use in churches so, if you would like these words available in other formats, please let us know and we will try and arrange that … assuming we can find someone with the appropriate software!

Every blessing,