New Video Added

If you head on over to the Video Clips page, you viagra cheap will find a brand new live video available for viewing (via theREIGN’s brand new YouTube Channel) and for download.

New Downloads Available

A quick database update to put right a few small discrepancies in the Lyric Charts section. It appears that when I migrated the site across to WordPress I missed a few of the files out of the new Download Manager. That has now been put right.

Putting My Voice Through Its Paces

If you check out the Calendar page you will see a new crop of events in coming months, both for me as an individual and theREIGN as a band. Here are the highlights (as it were).

Tweaking Update

The major tweaking required to get the TFKM site looking good on the new theme is almost completed, and I hope you will agree with me that it has made a significant difference to the look and feel of the site.

Tweaking The Look of TFKM

Now that the new site is nicely bedded down in WordPress, we have decided to tweak the look and feel of the site by adding the fantastic WPRemix theme, allowing us a lot more flexibility in how we include and display content. This is a fairly complex theme, and it will take a little time ...

End Of An Era

Someone once said that ‘Life is change’ and, at the moment, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes that change is as welcome as the first, warm day of Summer or the first day of your dream job, other times it is about as welcome as your first day at a new school when you don’t know ...