At Last!

Well, it has certainly taken a while, but I have finally managed to upload audio files for Great King Of Love and Sanctified.

Server Change Update

Of all the site moves I have made over the last month or so, this one was by far the easiest. After some consternation in moving others, PHP files to tweak whilse in situ, DNS changes not propogating across the web very quickly and sundry other small niggles, I changed the DNS settings for TFKM ...

New Ways to keep up with theREIGN

In a bold bid to enter the 21st Century, theREIGN have now created a presence on Facebook and Twitter, as well as giving their MySpace presence a long overdue update.

Server Change

After a review of all of my web hosting, including the related sites for theREIGN and the Rock Eucharist, I have decided to change my web host for the sake of flexibility and cost.