Mega-Update for theREIGN

The first part of a three part news update has been posted to theREIGN’s website this morning. Parts 2 and 3 will be posted over the next few days and will hopefully bring everyone right up to date with everything going on in the life of the band. Every blessing, David

Fresh New Look

Having finally become a little tired of the look of the TFKM website (not to mention the strange little foibles exhibited by the WPRemix theme, I have made a move to a new theme, which brings with it a new look. I hope you like it!

New Online Store

Those of you who are particularly eagle-eyed will have noticed a link in the Navigation bar to a new “Store”. This is an experiment to see if I can pull together those things we have for sale into a single, simple interface. I suggest that you don’t actually try to buy anything at the moment, ...

Musings on a Ten Year Old Song

As I always do after making new songs available via ShareSong, I have spent a little time looking out for votes to get a (vague) idea of whether it seems to be going down reasonably well, and something jumped out at me.

New Song Uploaded 1

Following on from my post Spring Harvest musings about getting my songwriting mojo back, I decided to do something else I haven’t done in a long time and break out the recording gear and do a demo recording of one of the three songs, Every Sound I Make (Hallelujah).

Got The Mojo Back … 1

Just back from a very enjoyable and blessed week at Spring Harvest. Trent’s big top worship was good, Steve Chalke’s Bible Reading talks were good, and it was superb to catch up with what Tony Campolo has to say after all this time.