We are pleased to announce another new song has been added. This one is also not so new, having been written while at New Wine 2012 in Newark. New Wine North leader Ian Parkinson was speaking about the conference theme, about unleashing the power and love of God in the world, and I was just inspired to write this as I sat there (so, Ian, if you see this … I was listening to what you were saying really).

Musically, this song is very straightforward, in the key of G (not unusual for me), and is well suited to solo musicians, as well as small or large bands. It has been kicking around in the system for a while, because there are only a small number of service themes to which it is directly relevant.

As always, lyrics, chords and lead sheets are available as well as a demo, recorded with simple guitar and piano accompaniment … and fabulous backing vocals from Mrs C.

Enjoy, use it in your church, and as always get in touch with any feedback.