We are pleased to announce another new song has been added. This one is not so new, having been written while at New Wine 2011 in Newark to help out a fellow worship leader who was lacking a song about the special relationship between us and Jesus for use in a Sunday service.

Musically, this song is very straightforward, in the key of F (with chords provided for using the capo on the third fret (D), with a single repeated verse, chorus and bridge, which lends itself to a big crescendo for a larger worship band. It has been kicking around in the system for a while (obviously) but the discovery that it works much better when sung by my daughter Beth has given it a much needed new lease of life (in my eyes at least).

As always, lyrics, chords and lead sheets are available as well as a demo, recorded with simple guitar and piano accompaniment.

Enjoy, use it in your church, and as always get in touch with any feedback.