During lockdown, we were privileged to help out a few churches in providing music for their online and virtual services, by recording and even (eek!) videoing ourselves leading worship at home. Of particular note was my rather rash offer to one church to provide “a song of the day” for their WhatsApp group through the period of lockdown.

Unfortunately, we had to call a halt to the daily uploads once the new school term started, and Kathryn and I had to get back to the day job full-time and in school (because as the Telegraph and Times said, we were basically on holiday the rest of the time [sarcasm mode off]), but we had managed 166 recordings by that time.

Obviously a fair number of those recordings (around 10%) were my own songs, and some of those recordings have been used here to allow me to publish those newer songs on the site as mp3s.

I have also now uploaded a selection of a dozen of the songs you will find here as lyric videos to theREIGN’s YouTube channel … as a playlist called “David Cooper Demos” (link below). The playlist includes a selection of old, not so old and brand new songs, and you should note that the sound recordings for the newer songs are the exact ones available on this site, while the other older songs have been re-recorded in the same style. The difference is that the YouTube versions include full lyrics allowing for easy singalong.

Please enjoy, and share with your friends as appropriate.

Click here to go to the playlist.

Every blessing,