As I always do after making new songs available via ShareSong, I have spent a little time looking out for votes to get a (vague) idea of whether it seems to be going down reasonably well, and something jumped out at me.

Standing at number 75 in the Top 100 songs is Awesome God, written back in 2000 and first released on my 2001 solo album I Will Follow, this has always been my most widely appreciated song (as evidenced by the fact that it has 75% more downloads than any other song on the site), but to see it still being downloaded and appreciated by churches and leaders unknown is quite a humbling experience.

Back in 2002, the song also spent a number of weeks at number 1 in the Christian chart on, which was likewise an exciting and humbling experience.

If I am honest, it is nowhere near my favourite of the songs I have written, but it is probably the song that is most typical of the style of contemporary Christian worship music … and I imagine that explains both why it has been more popular than my others, and why it isn’t among my own favourites. All that said, it is a song I am very proud of, since it was the one that convinced me that I could write worship songs after all.

The recording includes some really nice violin playing from Helen Webber, and one of these days, I will probably get around to making a new recording to give it a little more impact, since I generally find those early recordings to be pretty weak, especially compared to the work I have done with theREIGN. It is now less than a year until TFKM celebrates its tenth anniversary, and that perhaps offers me an excuse to do some stuff like that.

If you are one of the three and a half thousand people who have downloaded Awesome God (and the many many more who have streamed it from various sites on the web) … thank you – knowing that it is appreciated makes all of this worthwhile.

Every blessing,