Of all the site moves I have made over the last month or so, this one was by far the easiest. After some consternation in moving others, PHP files to tweak whilse in situ, DNS changes not propogating across the web very quickly and sundry other small niggles, I changed the DNS settings for TFKM at around midnight last night and on waking up and trying it this morning it works perfectly from its new home.

Simples … as they say.

I say perfectly … in fact the events calendar was broken somewhere in the move, but since I was already planning to change from the Gigs Calendar plugin to Gigpress once the move was completed this was not a great hardship, and that change is now completed and the calendar brought fully up to date again.

If you come across any broken links or downloads, please do let me know. Usual e-mail address: david@thatfatalkiss.com, or fill in the contact form.

Every blessing,