Just back from a very enjoyable and blessed week at Spring Harvest. Trent’s big top worship was good, Steve Chalke’s Bible Reading talks were good, and it was superb to catch up with what Tony Campolo has to say after all this time.

More than that, though, SH2010 was particularly memorable for me because I completed 3 new songs (more than I have managed in th last two and a bit years combined). One of these Eternal Flame walks a tightrope between worship and performance, and could be easily used in either depending on how you arrange it, the second, Every Sound I Make has been kicking around for a little while lacking verses, but is very definitely a worship song, as is the third and final entry, Never Failing Love.

I will endeavour to get some files up on the site sooner rather than later, along with the long promised audio, or video, for In Your Arms. Now that theREIGN‘s schedule has slowed down a little, I will hopefully get the chance to start putting those together pretty soon.

In the meantime, every blessing,