It is always nice to be busy and in demand, but (as you will see if you check out the [[Calendar]] page) the last few months of 2009 really take the biscuit.

In between leading worship for various services at my home church in Swanland, there are half a dozen Rock Eucharist events with theREIGN, a Harvest Supper, a couple of carol services and a concert at Barrow, again with theREIGN.

Preparations for RE3: Though We Are Many have gone well so far, and the band are in good shape to kick off the Autumn season, which includes three events in the space of 6 days starting on Monday 19 October, so your prayers would be greatly valued for our stamina, fingers and voices as well as for the churches where these events will be held.

Likewise, I would value your prayers for my home church, St Barnabas. After a year long interregnum, 8 October sees the institution of our new minister, Francis Scott, who has a great interest in music (as well as a highly musical family). Please pray that his introduction into the life of the church and the community goes smoothly and that the Lord blesses him and his family in the new job/home/community.

Finally, I am still suffering a measure of writers block … particularly where lyrics are concerned. At the last count I have at least half a dozen songs at various stages of development which I just cannot move forward with for whatever reason. Please pray that this blockage is lifted so that my ministry in this area can continue to grow and glorify the Lord.

That is about it for now. As always, your feedback is welcomed on the songs and anything else you fancy, and if you get the chance to attend one of our Rock Eucharist events over the next six weeks, I would love to see you there.

Every blessing,