You will have no doubt noticed that there are still no audio/mp3 files for the new songs added to the site back in April. This is entirely due to a lack of the time required to make proper demo recordings of the songs.

Consequently, having recently taken delivery of my 40th birthday present (a digital HD camcorder) I will be having a go at providing these in a different way … i.e. videoing myself playing the songs on guitar. Granted this means you will have to look at me, which is not necessarily ideal, but it will allow me to short circuit the time taken to get the songs onto the site, and also allow me some space to explain a little more about the song at the same time.

I am currently trialling some video editting software and once I am sure I can set these up the way I want to, the three newest songs, Sanctified, Great King Of Love and In Your Arms, will get the treatment and we’ll see how they go down.

Subject to audio quality, it is likely that I will also extract the audio track and include that as an mp3 file for download in the usual way.

Your feedback would be appreciated once these videos start appearing.

Every blessing,