Hooray for Spring Harvest … a few days in the fog, wind and cold of Skegness helped to clear my writer’s block (at least for the moment) and allowed me to write my first new song in over a year. Given the busyness of the last 12 months, there are now three new songs backed up that haven’t made it onto the site yet, and I am now in the process of putting that right.

In Your Arms is a simple song of worship celebrating what it is that Jesus gives us in our daily lives, and how solid and strong we can be if we rest our hopes and our lives on Him, rather than on our own humanity.

Great King Of Love is a song celebrating that Jesus is the King of Love and some of the things that His love gives us beyond the obvious.

Sanctified (the Spring Harvest song) combines gentle verses of reflection on our own weaknesses and our sins with a big, bold chorus celebrating Jesus’ holiness and asking him to forgive and sanctify us in His name.

I have already uploaded Chord and Lyric charts for each of these three songs … but these are no good by themselves as you don’t know the tunes. Therefore, piano arrangements will be uploaded over the next day or so, with demo recordings (probably just guitar and voice) shortly afterwards.

This process has also highlighted that the Download manager on the site does not display downloads in alphabetical order … I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

Every blessing,